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Normal Topic What brakes were on the supercar? (Read 3,552 times)
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What brakes were on the supercar?
Aug 13th, 2007 at 6:11pm
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I'm not sure I've noticed in print, what brakes they were using on the AMX/3...  Anybody know?  I only ask, because with today's fantastic brake availability, it might be nice to see if something that at least LOOKS similar to the original brakes could be cooked up.  And, a project like this one is going to need some serious, long-lasting stopping power.

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Re: What brakes were on the supercar?
Reply #1 - Mar 13th, 2009 at 1:29am
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The Italian built AMX/3's had brakes from ATE (Alfred Teeves Engineering), this German company is still in business. There were single calipers on the front disc and dual calipers on each of the rear disc. ATE makes brakes for Mercedes, BMW and Audi. There is a big brake upgrade for the Audi A6 that I looked at recently and thought about using on the reproductions. At the moment I want to work out many other systems of the car and will stick with the stock Corvette C4 calipers and rotors. Maybe at some later date we can do a brake upgrade to the ATE.
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